Walnut and Raisin Brownie

Chocolate Orange Brownie

Peanut Butter Chocolate Brownie

Fresh Raspberry Brownie

Rum & Raisin Brownie (Made with Morgan Spiced Rum!)

Baileys Brownie (especially for Christmas!)


Chocolate Brownies

Our Scones are available in many different varieties and we are always thinking up new ones!  Here are a selection:

Cheese Scones   -   Available every day

Fruit Scones   -   available every day

Date & Walnut Wholemeal Scones   -   Available Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Cherry Scones   -   Available Saturdays

yorkshire curd tarts

Moody Baker scones are pretty renowned in Barnard Castle, even if we say so ourselves! Not only are they available from our shop, but you can also enjoy one at the excellent Number 15 Cafe  &  Bistro on the high street.

cakes & Scones

Yorkshire Curd Tarts; a proper Northern classic!  Made with proper curd cheese, eggs, and sultanas soaked in brandy

Our baking experience really shows through with our chocolate brownies!  We use Fair Trade cocoa and chocolate combined with the finest ingredients to make something truely mouthwatering for you.  Here are just some of our combinations

We also produce cheesecake tarts and our new Old English treacle tarts.  You can also drop in to the Farmhouse Kitchen Cafe in Barnard Castle for one of our delicious Yorkshire Curd Tarts.


Scone or brownie?  Millionaire Shortbread, or Cappuccino  slice?  We have it all!